Japanese Website Development


Want to expand your business outreach to Japan?
Japan has a thriving economic base and many Japanese consumers will pay a premium for American products. A multilingual website will provide your company valuable access to the Japanese consumer. But, for your business to go global, you must first think local, which means your website must be easily adapted and translated for different languages and cultures. Consisting of native Japanese speakers and professionals, our team has the insight necessary to build a successful cross-cultural website for your company in Japan. 



Client Testimonial:

It has been an extreme pleasure working together with Mr. Makoto Jo and Lotus Web Studios. In particular, we were very pleased with the flexibility and composition demonstrated by Lotus Web Studios during a challenging period of the development process when we were unable to decide in which service setting format to proceed with. The outcome was highly positive. Also, we were extremely pleased with how the homepage blossomed during the final phase of development – when we thought we were already finished, Lotus Web Studios transformed the homepage into something for better and more attractive than we thought possible. The final product far exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to working with Lotus Web Studios in the future.

Kurt Swihaurt
JETRO New York